Linda Spirou Naturopath St Kilda
I am a degree qualified naturopath and a proud member of The Naturopaths and Herbalists Association of Australia.

I decided on my chosen career after  travelling to New York, I was in my late 30s and just left a mundane retail job, In Melbourne.
While I have always been health conscious and interested in nutrition, I had no issues finding a healthy meal in New York, I was quite surprised by how many healthy food outlets existed and loved the street markets and sourcing local produce from the farmers markets.
However, the stress of being away, changes in sleep patterns and possibly food choices flared up my IBS, to the point was unable to experience the full potential of the city.
I also felt that being in such a wonderfully inspiring and diverse city far away from home and with no advice from friends or family, made everything clearer for me, and in a sense catapulted my decision to follow my interest in health and study naturopathy.
Upon returning to Melbourne, I enrolled in a Bachelor of Health Science, at Endeavour College.
While studying, my digestive issues worsened, and found no relief from respective GPs and specialists. I saw a couple of naturopaths, while studying, who listened to me and taught me practical and achievable solutions in managing my health issues. Alongside the brown bottle herbal mixture, mixed specific to my needs.
Fast forward, since finishing my studies, I have focused my research and further learning on digestive issues.
Given people with IBS can experience flare-ups and I certainly still deal with this myself, I'm a lot better at managing the symptoms and identifying the root cause.
My passion is working with people to Improve their digestive issues. This often also improves energy, sleep, skin issues, mood, blood sugar irregularities and food sensitivities.
I would like to help support you in your journey, listening and working together to achieve an attainable plan.


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